There will be a Adult Bible Fellowship class at the church at 9:45 am.  We will follow  corona virus guidelines posted on the update page.   Please check the update page by clicking on the update banner on the Home page.

There is an online live broadcast at 9:45 am on Sundays with Pastor Jarrett presenting a Bible Study message from the Book of James.

This Bible study will presented live on this website.  Click on this link:  

The Bible study will also be live on the Hillsdale Baptist Church Facebook page.  Facebook will also have the recorded services of the past both Wednesdays and Sundays.

Adults enjoy age-appropriate, small classes that provide an opportunity for a challenging study and practical application of God's Word.   Adult class divisions schedule periodic fellowship activities that encourage adults to form and sustain lasting friendships that are important at this stage of life. 




The Adult Bible Fellowship Classes are Christ-centered in Biblical teaching and emphasis.  The purpose is to strengthen the believer in his walk with the Lord and in their knowledge of the Word of God.



The classes focus on applying the truths as presented and learn about God for a daily consistent walk with Him.  Handouts are made available in each class for study and review.



The challenge is to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus, (II Peter 2:2), be faithful, and to help strengthen and encourage others in their walk with the Lord. 


Come and be a part of this fellowship with other believers around the Word of God.


Adult Bible Fellowship
Sunday Classes - 9:15 am


Connections (College and Career Singles)

















inharmonywrights Young Couples' Class (with children in preschool or early elementary grades)

The class meets in the Friendship Hall.   It is taught by Pastor Eric Peterman.  


Pastor Peterman is on the Pastoral staff at Hillsdale as the HCA School Administrator and the Church Family Pastor.  Pastor Peterman grew up at Hillsdale Baptist and is a graduate of Bob Jones University.  He has served for many years on the staff and has a real heart for families and their children.

















Couples and Single Parents’ Class  (With children in upper elementary & teens)

The class meets in the church auditorium.  

It is taught by Pastor Ted Martins.

Dr. Ted Martins has a degree from Grace Seminary and has taught in Bible colleges as well as having  pastored in New Jersey for neary 40 years. He teaches with a wealth of biblical insight and life experience.  





















HigherGrounds Class

The “empty nest” class. This is the class for ages 50-65.

 It meets in the Blue Room on the first floor.  It is taught by  Dr. Greg McFadden.













Encouragers Ladies Class

encouragerspattiLadies of all ages.  The class meets in the Conference Room. 

It is taught by Patti Roche & Phyllis McClure.

This class is well named.  The fellowship among these women is sweet and, well, encouraging.  Mrs. Patti Roche with the assistance of Mrs. Phylis McClure keep the class biblically grounded and there is a fellowship of learning.











Men’s Bible Study

Men of all ages.  The class meets in the Church Office area.  It is taught by Jim Olachea.






Women of Faith


ladiesabfclasspictSenior Ladies Class. The class meets in a School Classroom.  
It is taught by Leigh Ann Privett and Cindy Herlocker.

Both of these ladies have been at Hillsdale Baptist for many years. They enjoy sharing the Bible studies and having a part in their lives with love, care, and fellowship.














Senior Couples Class.  The class meets in the Hayden Cox Hall. 

It is taught by Dr. George Youstra.

Dr. Youstra has degrees from Bob Jones Universtiy and Michigan State University.  He has served on the faculty of Bob Jones University, served in the Reagan Administration in the Education Department, and is a past President of Clearwater Christian College.  He teaches with a broad knowledge of the Bible and history.  






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