Lifestep Classes

Fall 2019

Every Wednesday beginning August 14th there is a Fellowship meal served in the Friendship Hall.  It is a buffet style meal with a different entree each week.  It is served from 5:00 -6:15 pm each Wednesday.  The meal costs $4 for adults, kids $2 and children 2 and under are free.

There are four adult classes to choose from.

The kids AWANA clubs and the Teen youth group meet at the same time.



"Principles of Parenting"  is taught by Travis and Tanya Henry.  They meet in the Tower Conference room.  The class
focuses on effective parenting principles and techniques especially for preschool and elementary age children.
"Fruit of the Spirit" is the theme for the Women's class that is taught by Pat Youstra, Patti Roche, and Anna Slattery.  The class meets in the East end of the Friendship Hall.
"All About Outreach" is a class taught by Pastor and Linda Barber.  This class seeks to equip believers with the tools need
to be as effective witnesses for Christ as possible.  There will also be opportunities to reach out to others in various ways.  This class meets in the classroom in the lobby of the church just outside the church auditorium.

"10 Commandments" is taught be Dr. Ted Martens.  This is an intensive study of the the 10 commandments in the bible. 

This class meets in the Cox hall of the church on the first floor.  This class is video taped each week and will be viewable on the church web page home page each week.



Click here to view the "10 Commandmentrs" class (and previous classes)



Click here to download the 10 Commandments Class handout material













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