Sunday School - Children

Sunday mornings each Sunday there is place for Nursery through the sixth grade children.


   Babies through 2 years old go to the nursery.


   K-3 through 6th grade begin with Kids choir.


 9:15 - 9:35 am - HBC Kids Choir


During the Sunday morning Sunday School hour, 9:15 - 9:35 am, the kids, K3-6th grade, practice with Pastor Steve Armstrong for the Children's choir.  The Children's Choir will sing about       every six weeks in the Sunday AM service.  They meet in the Friendship Hall, East end.


9:35-10:10 am - Sunday School classes


    3 and 4 year old class


    K-5 class


    Grades 1-2


    Grades 3-4 boys


    Grades 3-6 girls


    Grades 5-6 boys


Kids Church

The k-5 through 6th grade kids will be taken by the teachers to the auditorium.  The parents of 5th through 6th graders can meet their children in the auditorium to sit with their families for the morning service.


The k-5 through the 3rd graders will stay in auditorium for the song service and be taken by the leaders after the choir sings to the Friendship Hall east end.  These kids can be picked up by the parents after the service.








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