Sunday School - Children


Each Sunday morning, Hillsdale offers programs for children from infants through the sixth grade.


Infants and children up to two years of age may be taken directly to the nursery.


Children from K-3 through 6th grade may be taken to children's choir, in the Fellowship Hall.


Nursery - 9:15 to 11:45 am


Infants and children up to two years old will remain in the Nursery for the duration of the Sunday and Morning service time. 


Children's Choir - 9:15 - 9:35 am 


The children will practice singing with Pastor Armstrong in the Fellowship Hall.  About every six weeks the children will perform a special in the morning service.


Children's Sunday School classes - 9:35-10:10 am


Following choir, children K-3 to sixth grade will then divide into their respective Sunday School classes. 


K-3, K-4 year old class


K-5 class


Grades 1-2 class


Grades 3-4 boys class


Grades 3-6 girls class


Grades 5-6 boys class


Children's Church


Following Children's Sunday School classes, the children will be directed to the church auditorium by their teachers.  At this time, children in the fourth to sixth grades will sit with their parents.  The teachers will stay with the children until their parents locate them.


Children in K-5 to third grades will sit with their teachers in the church auditorium for the song service.  Following the song service, the children will be escorted back to the Fellowship Hall for children's church.  Parents may pick up their children in the Fellowship hall following the service.









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